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ADDR:Huangpu District Shanghai Guangxi North Road 528 Number commercial buildings in 1508
        021-61350328  61350338
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    Shanghai Yunyong Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan KFPS in East China’s mainland branch is mainly responsible for the promotion and application of Taiwan KFPS brand automation control equipment. Open, set up in 1983 years, specializing in the manufacture of industrial sensors, product marketing, the world’s two dozen countries, to win the high degree of recognition of our customers enjoy a high reputation in the industry. Our main products are: photoelectric switch, proximity switch, controller, speed sensor, European-style connector, pneumatic cylinder detection, optical fiber photoelectric switch, the electrostatic capacity type near the tap, marking detection photoelectric switch, two metal detection devices, light curtains. Since its inception, the spirit of the principle of technology is fundamental to market demand-oriented, committed to the technology and application engineering technology with the perfect combination to provide customers with the integration of the most competitive total solution. Our products are a wealth of experience accumulated in the food machinery, injection molding machinery, packaging, printing, electronics, wire, shipbuilding, auto garage and other industries, the company adhere to the business philosophy of the faith to the letter, and to provide you with the best quality service
Copy Right (c)Shanghai Yunyong Automation Technology Co., Ltd.    TEL:021-63013033  61350328  61350338    FAX:021-63013022    E-MAIL: shyunyong@163.com
ADDR:Huangpu District Shanghai Guangxi North Road 528 Number commercial buildings in 1508